Bernard Mwombeki Mukasa sings the fourth voice, the choir of St. Kizito parish of Blessed Anuarite – Makuburi, Dar Es Salaam.

He was born on Monday 31 January 1977 in a village in Mugambaizi neighbourhood, Byamutemba Village, Nsunga ward, Misenyi District (then still part of Bukoba Rural Wailaya), Kagera Region, Tanzania.

His parents are William Mukasa Bernard (Baba) and Apollonia Koku implement Kashaga (mother). Bernard Mukasa is the eighth of the 11 children of the father and mother.
He was baptized just 12 days after his birth, in the st. Bernard unit in Byamutemba village, the parish of Kasambya (now the birth of the parish of Mutukula), the Roman Catholic Diocese of Bukoba. His baptismal father is catechist Bernard Mashagala (rest in peace). Bernard Mukasa was baptized in St. Bernard and was managed by Bernard as his baptismal father.

Bernard Mukasa has released and recorded more than 100 albums, including audio albums and audio albums. Among the albums he has overseen his preparation include:

  1. Mimina Neema – Kizito Makuburi
  2. Safari ya Mbinguni – Benedicto, Oruba (Migori) Kenya
  3. Nyumba ya Roho – Kizito Makuburi
  4. Siri ya Moyo wangu – Kizito Makuburi
  5. Mlipuko wa Sifa – Yuda Thadei Mbeya
  6. Silaha ya Mapambano – Kizito Makuburi
  7. Mungu Yule – Kizito Makuburi
  8. Nani Angesimama – Triple V
  9. Upendo na Ukarimu – Triple V
  10. Mungu – Ledokoska, Kiwanja cha Ndege, Dodoma

Bernard Mukasa has conducted specialized training with various choirs and built a great creation and systemic revolution. Some of the choirs have since made great strides and so far remain among the model choirs. These include Mt. Kizito Makuburi (KMK), Ledokoska – K’ndege Dodoma (BMTL), John Paul – II Mbeya Urban (JMC), St. Cecilia Makuburi, etc.

The choirs he once sang to :

  1. Kwaya ya malaika (kwaya ya watoto misa ya jioni) – Parokia ya Biharamulo, Jimbo la Rulenge – Ngara
  2. Kwaya ya Mt. Cecilia – Parokia ya Biharamulo, Jimbo la Rulenge – Ngara
  3. Kwaya ya YCS Tabora Boys
  4. Bikira Maria Msaada wa Wakristo, Parokia ya Biharamulo, Jimbo la Rulenge – Ngara
  5. Kwaya ya Mt. Fransisco Exaviery – Parokia ya Chang’ombe, Jimbo kuu la Dar Es Salaam
  6. Kwaya ya Mt. Denisi Sebugwao – Parokia ya Kristo Mfalme, Jimbo la Sumbawanga
  7. Kwaya ya Mt. Joseph Mfanyakazi – Parokia ya Ruanda, Jimbo kuu la Mbeya
  8. Kwaya ya Mt. Kizito (KMK) – Parokia ya Makuburi, Jimbo kuu la Dar Es Salaam.

Family member Bernard Mukasa is married to his choir teacher, Matilder Sendwa, and they are given four children; Victoria, Vinny, Vivian and Vince. Fortunately, their children also have a way of singing. They sing like their parents, and already one of them is a pianio who is a pianio. In promoting their children’s talents, Bernard Mukasa and his wife sing in a family choir made up of them and their children, which started out called TRIPLE V, and was later named QUADRI’V after Vince’s birth..

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