Job Opportunity at D-tree International, Monitoring & Evaluation Data Use Lead

Monitoring & Evaluation Data Use Lead 

Reports to: Deputy Director 

Location: Zanzibar, Tanzania 

Start Date: Immediate opening  

Who we are 

D-tree International is a global digital health organization dedicated to ensuring that everyone has access to high quality primary healthcare in underserved areas. We do this by working with governments to design, build and  deploy digital tools for frontline health workers that improve their ability to deliver high-quality, evidence-based  care. D-tree engages with governments to develop a shared vision for the potential of digital health, demonstrates 

the effectiveness of digital systems to improve health outcomes, and accompanies governments to scale these  digital systems nationally and institutionalize them within their broader health systems.  

Since 2011, D-tree has partnered with the Zanzibar Ministry of Health to implement an innovative digital health program, Jamii ni Afya (“Community is health”) supporting Community Health Volunteers to provide health  services within their communities. This program has consistently demonstrated improved health outcomes, a  strengthened community health system, and increased use of data for decision-making. Over time, Jamii ni Afya has  grown from a pilot to a national program and has demonstrated how digital technology can transform the quality of  a health system. The Zanzibar government has committed to adopt Jamii ni Afya at national scale; integrating  digitally-enabled Community Health Volunteers into their formal Community Health Strategy. This represents the  world’s first nationally scaled digital community health program, bringing high quality health services to the  doorsteps of all of Zanzibar. The digital health program reached full scale in August 2021, allowing D-tree to focus  on program sustainability, quality and impact.  

An important aspect of our work is ongoing government engagement and capacity building to fully transition Jamii  ni Afya to the government in terms of financial, technical and operational management. We bring together partners  who are engaged in various aspects of community and digital health to provide multi-disciplinary support to the  government throughout their journey to scale. At the same time, we are serving as a key trusted partner to the  government as we collaborate to realize the potential of digital health to strengthen the broader primary health  system in Zanzibar. This is an exciting opportunity to help deepen and expand our work and impact.  

Who you are 

We are seeking a Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) Data Use Lead who will promote and facilitate the use of data – primarily data from Zanzibar’s national community health program -to enhance decision making within Zanzibar’s  health system. The M&E Data Use Lead will engage with multiple stakeholders from Zanzibar’s health system,  particularly district-level staff from the M&E, Planning, and HMIS units of the Zanzibar Ministry of Health (MOH),  as well as Council Health Management Teams (CHMTs), and staff from health facilities that supervise teams of  community health volunteers (CHVs). The M&E Data Use Lead will work closely with D-tree’s Program Team,  M&E Officer, and Senior Data Lead. 

Government Capacity Building (50% LOE) 

Promote data use and develop the capacity of district-level MOH staff, CHMTs, and CHV supervisors to use data  for actionable decision making.

  • Build and maintain relationships with MOH staff from the HMIS, Planning, M&E units, and other units as  required, as well as with CHMTs and CHV supervisors 
  • Identify the use cases and data needs of MOH staff, CHMTs, and CHV supervisors e.g. establish which  decisions can be effectively supported by data, what data is required, and the format and frequency of the  data that is required 
  • Support the development of training curricula and training materials to develop data use and  interpretation capacity amongst MOH staff, CHMTs, and CHV supervisors 
  • Lead data use trainings for MOH staff, CHMTs, and CHV supervisors, focusing on how to use dashboards,  how to interpret data, and how to create action plans that are informed by data 
  • Monitor and document the progress of data users regarding their attitudes towards data use, and their  skills and knowledge related to data use 
  • Ensure that feedback from data users is documented and communicated to the relevant D-tree staff. 

Develop culture of data use within team (25% LOE) 

Lead internal efforts for D-tree staff to make effective use of data  

  • Advocate for, and lead efforts within the D-tree Zanzibar team to use data to monitor the progress of  programs, to identify areas for improvement in programs, and to develop action plans that are informed by  data 
  • Support D-tree staff in their understanding and usage of Community Health – Health Management  Information Systems (HMIS) data. 

Dissemination (25% LOE) 

Disseminate information about the achievements of the community health program and the availability of  community health data 

  • Develop and disseminate factsheets, reports, and other similar materials, amongst relevant stakeholders at  the MOH and other organizations, to highlight the achievements of Zanzibar’s community health program ● Engage with other community health actors in Zanzibar to generate awareness of the availability of  community health data, and provide support to use that data 
  •  Lead M&E donor reporting.  

What we are looking for 

Basic requirements 

  • A Bachelor’s degree in a field related to public health, or in a quantitative subject such as statistics ● At least 4 years’ experience working in roles involving health system data  
  • Strong data analysis and interpretation skills, including the ability to interpret and derive conclusions from  data, expertise using at least one data analysis platform, and experience with DHIS2 
  • Experience using community health data collection tools  
  • Proven experience of delivering effective training to health system or government staff to develop IT or  data literacy capacity 
  • Excellent presentation, verbal communication, and written communication skills 
  • Evidence of ability to build and maintain relationships with multiple stakeholders 
  • In-depth knowledge of health systems and health indicators, including community health indicators ● Ability to work as part of a multidisciplinary team 
  • Ability to work independently, use initiative, and manage priorities 
  • Fluency in English and Swahili 

Preferred Qualifications 

  • A Master’s degree in a relevant field
  • Experience working with Ministry of Health staff 
  • Experience working with Council Health Management Teams 
  • Experience in Mobile Health 

Salary Range:  

39,000,000 TZS to 67,000,000 TZS gross annual salary inclusive of all cash compensation  

Note: Starting salaries typically fall in the lower half of the salary range; however, they are ultimately determined  by the scope of the position, the candidate’s relevant experience, and internal equity. 

Application information  

To apply for this role please fill in the google form here: D-tree M&E Data Use Lead Application ( 

Must be a Tanzanian national to apply. Only applicants who respond to all questions and include their CV and a  thoughtful cover letter will be considered.  

Deadline for applications: Open until filled  


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