Job Opportunity at Legal Services Facility (LSF), Driver


Position Summary

To provide secure and timely driving services to transport passengers and/or goods. Deliver payment transfers to the bank and/or the suppliers, assist with postage and with pick up of office purchases, including flight tickets and any other tasks required by HR &  Admin Manager. Act as a backup for the Receptionist, assist with meeting room re-arrangement for various meetings/events.

Reporting Lines

Reports to the HR & Admin Manager

Key Responsibilities 

  • Drives the LSF vehicles
  • Keeps the vehicle spotlessly clean on the outside and inside
  • Ensures the vehicle is in excellent working condition
  • Daily checks the condition of the vehicle and performs routine checks on oil, brakes, tires (always at least 1 spare tire in good condition), cooling/ AC, windows, wipers and water etc.
  • Ensures that tools are neatly stored in the vehicle and are sufficient and always available

 Other duties

  • Delivers mail, cheques or other matters whenever necessary as instructed by the Admin Assistant
  • Will undertake field trips as and when required
  • Any other duties as assigned by the supervisor through the Admin Assistant
  •  Maintainance and Administration 
  • Ensures dates of proper licensing are maintained.
  • Takes the vehicle for servicing and supervises it is done properly
  • Meticulously maintains the vehicle logbook including trips, with whom, mileage covered, fuel procured.
  • Immediately reports any maintenance or vehicle condition issues to the LSF Administrative Assistant for further action
  • Schedule annual vehicle examinations for service.
  • Apply for the renewal of the vehicle license
  • Determine when and what kind of maintenance the vehicle needs, keep track of general maintenance schedules, especially car tyre condition
  • Ensure sound running of the vehicles assigned and arrange minor repairs where necessary
  • Check oil and tyres properly and keep the service vehicles in clean condition, both inside and outside
  • Keep track of timely car insurance renewals – Update monthly mileage records
  • Maintain logbook of each service vehicle on daily basis and update monthly mileage


  • The minimum education requirement is form IV or vehicle mechanical training.
  • Speaks and understand English and Swahili.
  • Preferable has done some additional safe driving training.
  • Has 5 years or more driver experience including driving long distance preferably with an organization/company.
  • Women are strongly encouraged to apply.

The applications deadline is Friday, 18th February 2022.  Only short-listed candidates will be notified.


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